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Tony Griffen is currently the head coach of LEPBC. He holds the Badminton New Zealand Level 2 Coaching Certificate and has coached all over the upper half of North Island with over 15 years’ experience from young children to adult. In his many years of coaching, he held various coaching roles such as Auckland Badminton Association High Performance Coach, Counties Manukau Development Officer, North Harbour Team Coach, Waitakere Team Coach, Pan Pacific Team Coach, and was a member of the coaching team for the Australia International Tournament for the NZ team and the June Bevan Tournament Team coach, which successfully achieved 2ndPlace in Australasia in 2010.


Over the years, he has coached and mentored many players that were successfully named in the New Zealand Reserve Squad and/or New Zealand National Squad, such as Maggie Chan, Ashraf Dhoray , Emma and Clare Chapple, Danielle Barry, Ethan Hago, Kritteka Gregory and Karen Tam. Whilst coaching at Auckland Badminton Association and for some years after his role there, he was also the junior and senior division team selector.


As a player, he is an ex-NZ representative player, and has been a team member of three winning teams at the Division 1 Wisden Team and has played many open tournaments across NZ gaining five Men’s Doubles Winner titles. He has been the consecutive winners at club champs and successfully won three sections at interclub while representing LEPBC in 2011 & 2012. Tony is also a qualified Personal Trainer.


So whether you are a beginner in need of some starting tips or a high performance player looking at up-skilling your game – Tony can surely help improve your game!


Tony Griffen是現時LEPBC的總教練,他擁有新西蘭二等級羽毛球教練牌。他在北島的上半部教育少年

及成年已超過十五年。 在多年的教練中,他曾是奧克蘭羽毛球總會高級精英組教練,Counties Manukau 羽毛球啟發主任,穚北隊教練, Waitakere隊教練,Pan Pacific (澳紐比賽)隊教練,同時也是澳洲國際賽新西蘭隊教練之一。他更是每年一度澳紐大賽June Bevan隊的教練,並成功在2010年獲得亞軍。

多年來,他曾教授的球員很多也成功成為新西蘭後備隊員及新西蘭國家隊員,例如Maggie Chan, Ashraf Dhoray, Emma & Sally Chapple, Danielle Barry, Ethan Haago, Kritteka Gregory 及Karen Tam。當年他除了是奧克蘭羽毛球總會教練以及他離職後數年,他更是負責選拔初級及高級組隊員。

作為球員,他曾代表新西蘭出賽,並曾是全新西蘭最強的隊際賽事 Wisden Team 的隊員,並贏得三次冠軍。他也曾在新西蘭參加多次公開賽並贏取五項男子雙打冠軍。最近他更連續兩年贏取LE俱樂部 A Grade 冠軍。他更以A Grade 代表LEPBC在2011及2012年與其他俱樂部比賽中獲得三項冠軍。Tony更是合資格的健身教練。

所以無論你是初學者雖要一些起步技巧, 或是精英球員希望更進一步 - Tony 一定能助你改善!


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Tony is the only Official Yonex Stringer in New Zealand with over 12 years’ experience, so you can be assured that your racket is strung by a professional and is only of the highest standard on our electronic stringing machine. We specialise in stringing at high tensions with a wide variety of strings for you to choose from.

Tony是新西蘭唯一YONEX認可的羽毛球穿線員。他擁有超過12年穿線經驗,所以你可肯定你的球拍是由專業人員用最好的全電子穿線機為你達到最高水平。我們有多種不同的羽毛球線供你選擇, 並專長於穿高磅數。