Court Bookings

As a Member

$100  Annual membership fee (valid 1 year from payment)
eg. Joining on 26/8/2012 will validate your membership to 26/8/2013)

(NB. This is a joining fee – additional top-up required for court bookings.)

$10 Membership card – one-off payment
(unless require replacement)

Badminton  (courts 1-11)

(NB. No per-person fees apply)

Basketball  (courts 9,10 & 11)

$30  Per hour   All times

(NB. Due to health & safety reasons, half-court basketball is strictly not allowed)

* On-Line booking available for members only.

* One membership card can book one badminton court or the basketball

court at the same timeframe  (eg. 1 badminton court only or basketball @ 2-4pm).

* There are no booking hours limit per day / week (eg. one can book 9am-3pm everyday every week).

As a Visitor (Non-Member)

Badminton           $20 per hour  All times
(NB. No per-person fees apply.   Visitors to provide their own gear during play.)

*Pro Shop onsite supplying top quality equipment at discounted prices & racket hire available @ $2 each.

Basketball            $40 per hour                           All times

(NB. Due to health & safety reasons, half-court basketball is not allowed)


Tony Griffen/Maggie Chan

ph: 095766434

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