Court Bookings

As a Member:


$100 – Annual membership fee (valid 1 year from payment)

e.g. Joining on 26/8/2019 will validate your membership to 26/8/2020

(NB. This is a joining fee – additional top-up required for court bookings.)

$10  – Membership card – one-off payment (unless require replacement)

Badminton (courts 1-11)   (NB. No per-person fees apply) – Per hour

Mon / Wed / Fri 8am-12pm & Tues / Fri 7am-12pm   –  $13

Mon – Fri 12-4pm   –   $8

Mon – Fri 4-6pm   –   $13

Mon – Fri 6-11 pm & All Weekends   –   $15

Basketball  (courts 9,10 & 11)

$30 – Per hour  – All times

(NB. Due to health & safety reasons, half-court basketball is strictly not allowed)

*On-Line booking available for members only.

* One membership card can book one badminton court or the basketball

court at the same timeframe  (eg. 1 badminton court only or basketball @ 2-4pm).

* There are no booking hours limit per day / week (eg. one can book 9am-3pm everyday every week).


 As a Visitor (Non-Member/Casual)

Badminton – $22 per hour – All times

(NB. No per-person fees apply.   Visitors to provide their own gear

during play.)

*Pro Shop onsite supplying top quality equipment at discounted prices

racket hire available @ $2 each.

Basketball – $40 per hour – All times

(NB. Due to health & safety reasons, half-court basketball is not allowed)

If you wish to sign up, you will  have to visit us physically the first time, and to top-up your card thereafter, otherwise if you are a member, all bookings can be made online or at the public computer system here.


We do NOT making bookings through email and will NOT be replied sorry.

(except for clubs and associations).

Please call us below during office hours (09 5766434) as bookings and cancellations are happening as we speak, so we can’t guarantee it’s still there by the time the emails are read.


Tuesday – Thursday       8am-1pm     &    2-5:30pm

Friday                             1-7:30pm (late night)

Saturday                         8am-1pm     &    2-6pm

Sunday                           10am-1pm   &    2-6pm


Monday                           Closed