2013 ABA Interclub Competition Entries & Guidelines

A fantastic welcome to all existing and new club members as we kick start the 2013 club season this week. We hope you all had a good break and great holiday period. As most of you would know our Senior Club has begun this week and Junior Club season would start from next week onwards.
This is also an appropriate time to remind all interested players who are keen to participate and represent LEPBC at the annual Auckland Badminton Association’s (ABA) Inter-Club competition.
For those of you who are new to this, the ABA Interclub will be played between teams representing clubs affiliated to ABA in two seasons across varied grades from 6th May and 5th Aug for both singles and doubles competition. You dont have to be an elite pro to be part of a team on behalf of the club as the competition caters to all grades. Our club has a proud history at the Interclub level as late as last year, we won 3 out of the possible 5 Interclub titles in the Senior division with 25 teams of four players each representing the club overall. The Juniors had considerable success as well in the Junior Interclub. This year the Junior Club would have more than 10 teams representing LEPBC at Interclub.

Senior Interclub is divided into Div1,Div2,Div3&4 while Junior Interclub is similarly divided into Section1 to Section 4 based on skill level and player’s club grading. Our club captains in consultation with the grading committees will grade all interested players and accordingly this list gets submitted to ABA.

For those of you who expressed interest to play at the time of registration or who wants to play, you would become part of a balanced skilled team as considered appropriate by the relevant club captain to be competitive in the competition you are entering.

The entry fee payable is $120 per event you enter that gives you roughly 10 weeks of competition games depending on format. Club shirts are mandatory for those playing inter-club and generally cost between $30-$40.
Last year the club subsidized the club shirts for Interclub players and were given out for free however this hasnt been finalised yet for current year and considering we have got few big sponsors on-board for next two years, players wont be able to wear last year’s shirts unless they have got appropriate club sponsors printed on them. All liability in this regard lies with the players that they abide by the club rules regarding wearing of 2013 ‘official’ club shirts and representing LEPBC in appropriate manner. The shirts would be available for purchase before the start of the Interclub season in early May and club would notify all concerned accordingly.

Payments for interclub are required before 1st May and can be made online to respective Junior/Senior Club account numbers and more info is available under F.A.Q. section on club homepage. For more info on how to register for Inter-club, please get in touch with your club captain or club president.

There would also separately be Singles Ladder (refer below) in the first half of Senior Inter-club season and Doubles Ladder in the second half of Interclub for 5 weeks or so for those interested in playing either format outside of the Inter-club rules. Please get in touch with ABA Hall directly to register your interest for both these separate ladders.

Refer to the following documents in regards to the competition rules, format for this year, what’s played on what day and due dates for entries.
<2013 ABA interclub Rules.pdf>
<2013 Interclub Due Dates & Whats Played When.pdf>
<2013 Doubles Entry Forms.pdf>
<2013 Winter Singles Ladder for 5 weeks>