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BNZ joins LEPBC as official club sponsor

In a great development for the club, Bank of Newzealand’s Asian Banking Division (BNZ) has joined onboard LEPBC as the official club sponsor for the next two years up until the end of 2014 season. This is fantastic news for everyone involved with club- patrons, members and management alike as this provided the club with the opportunity to better channel some of the financial efforts in improving our club offerings especially aiding and developing Junior club members.

Being the premier junior club in the country and current title holders of top grade Senior (A&B grade) doubles competitions in the Auckland Badminton Association InterClub competition this would further help in ensuring we continue to reach new heights and evolve both internally and externally.

The competitive edge our club holds would further grow through this partnership with BNZ who are known for their raft of community activities and active involvement in the development and wellbeing of kiwis through all spheres of life.

As club president Robert Bryce put it “It’s a win-win for both the club and BNZ and the club appreciates the value BNZ has forseen in furthering our current relationship from a financial institution to something more significant long term thus helping further badminton in the ranks of East Auckland communities.”

The partnership would be reflected through our 2013 club shirts with BNZ Asian Banking branding on them along with club lounge promotions, club website and Facebook Fan Page updates for members around specific promotional information that would be helpful in making better choices managing money matters.
As this relationship grows further there will be opportunities for more closer development and aligning common goals for mutual benefits.

So we encourage all members to help foster this strategic partnership even further by making use of BNZ services on offer especially those available with the BNZ Asian Banking division. This development along with many over the last couple of years are all indicative of the positive strides and progress made by the club overall and we hope to see the benefits materializing in the very near future.