Court Etiquettes

Court Etiquettes

1.  Picking up the shuttlecock: If your serve fails or the shuttlecock lands on your side of the court you should pick it up and pass it on to the opponent.

2.  Don’t hit the shuttlecock under the net when returning it to the opponent; it must be hit over the net.

3.  When the match ends, whether winning or losing, the players should shake hands.

4.  When you or your partner lose a point when serving or smashing, you should return the shuttlecock to your opponent not wait and let them retrieve it.

5.  If your smash hits the opponent or a lucky point is won (for example, when the shuttlecock hits the net but still goes over) a gesture of apology should be made.

6.  When passing by a court, a distance of at least one step should be maintained for safety and to show respect for the players.

7.  For safety reasons, please don’t bring young kid/s to the senior club.

8.  Please be respectful to the Board duty members. They are Volunteers and do their best every night.