Q:How many club divisions are at LEPBC?

A:3 in total-Junior, Senior and Midweek.

Q:Whats the difference between all three?

A: Junior Club cater to primarily anyone under 18.
Senior Club cater to primarily 18 and over competitive players with a social element to it. However Junior Club players are encouraged and welcomed to play at Senior Club as well without age restrictions to maximize exposure
Midweek Club cater to primarily social players who are available only from mornings up until afternoon with less focus on competitive games and more on enjoying badminton in a relaxed environment.

Q:Where can i find the club session times and membership options?

A: Please refer to individual club pages to find out detailed info about all club times and their fee structure.

Q:Can I play at all three Clubs?

A: Yes, you can join each club individually, although there is no discount for signing up to multiple clubs in one year. Our advice is to play as a visitor by paying the appropriate visitor fee which ranges between $12-$15 per visit to find the club that suits you best.

Q:How many club nights can I play as a club member?
A: Again, this depends on your chosen individual membership option at the type of registration and also the club you are a member off (namely Junior, Senior and Midweek). There are plenty of options to choose from between a visitor, two club nights and all three club nights with varying degree of cost saving. Being a visitor costs the most while standard membership involving two club nights is the most cost-effective.
Considering LEPBC offers the most number of club nights throughout the year in whole of Auckland Badminton Clubs, you would surely be getting the best bang for your buck for annual membership.

Q:What if I wanna play more than 3 club nights?

A: Well, if you still haven’t got your weekly badminton fix and trust us you will find plenty of members just like you at club, you can book a court online on club homepage entirely for yourself and your mates on an hourly basis for as long you want. Your membership with Lloyd Elsmore will allow you to receive a free lighting card (card to activate lights) and you can purchase time per hour from the Proshop. The courts can also be booked onsite at club halls should you want to extend your play session times on the day itself with a computer connected to booking system available at all operating hours on the back of the Pro-Shop in the ground floor member lounge.

Q:How much does it cost to book private courts online and what do i need?

A: You will need a lighting card that can be provided by our Pro-Shop team. There is a non-refundable deposit for the card itself while the court charges are quite nominal as well booked on 30mins basis and can be used by 4 players at one time. Court availability can be checked two weeks in advance and can be cancelled upto a day prior without incurring any payment. Please get in touch with Pro-Shop team on 09 5766434 to find out applicable rates. The card expires after one year and needs to be renewed beyond that.

Q:Can the lighting card be used by others?

A: No. The card can only be used by the person to whom its issued and he/she should be part of the playing group for the court booked.

Q:Do i need to be a club member to book private courts?

A: Nope, as long as you got a lighting card, that all you need. Anyone with a lighting card issued can book it.

Q:What are the badminton hall operating hours?

A: Normally between 630am or 730am till 10pm or 11pm on alternate days. Click the Courts Booking link on homepage for more info.

Q:Are there any other sports available at badminton hall?

A: Yes, courts 9-11 can be booked (as one lot) for basketball as well. Ofcourse, you will need to bring the basketball with you. The noise is shielded from other 8 badminton courts being in an adjoining building within the multipurpose hall sharing a common walk through with single enclosed entry.

Q:How do i register as a club member?

A: Senior Club offers online member registration and payment while other two divisions are transitioning towards online registration during this year. However, you can still download and fill the member registration form from our individual club sites (also available on Facebook fan page) and bring it along to respective club nights to sign-up in person. There would be someone on duty managing the board (on first floor) from respective club committee and that person can sign you up on the spot. You can find out more about how club nights are organized from About Us>History >Club Operations.

Q:Where do i download the new membership registration form?

A: The forms are available for download on each club division website homepage and also on our Facebook fan page <here>.

Q:What are the payment options? Does the club accept Eftpos or Credit Card?

A: Depending on what club division you are registering for, you will have the option to pay in cash, by internet banking or by Credit Card.

-Should you decide to come in person and sign up on the spot for any of the three club divisions, you can only pay by Cash as there is no Eftpos/Credit Card facility onsite.

a)For Senior Club, you can register ONLINE with the option to pay by Invoice (i.e. Internet Banking/Cash) or Credit Card (with 5% additional surcharge)

  • Select ‘Invoice’ option if you want to pay using Internet Banking or in Cash onsite. The Senior Club A/C No for internet banking payments is 02-0208-0276487-00. Please include the ‘Invoice Number‘ quoted during online registration in the reference field.
  • Else you can pay by Credit Card online during registration process. The whole process shouldn’t take more than 5 mins from start to end.

b)For Junior Club, you can register in person onsite and pay by either cash or internet banking to Junior Club A/C No 12-3056-0643121-00. Please include players name in the reference field when paying using internet banking.

c)For Midweek Club, you can register only in person and pay by cash onsite.

All member registration forms are available on our website, onsite at club and on our facebook fan page. Please refer to the individual club division page to download them.

Q:How does club nights work?

A: Our club operations page on club website under History provides this info aptly. Scheduled club night games are organized by players who volunteer their time for rostered board duty.
Club is always keen to have as many volunteers as possible to share the workload and if you are keen to learn and volunteer your time please contact a respective club committee member in person. There are a few incentives on offer for those who do board duty specifically in Senior Club division.

Q:What is club committee and where do i find more details about committee members?

A:Club committee is made up of player volunteers (in the roles of executive members and non executive members) who put their hand up to contribute their time and effort in improving club operations and making it more successful. You can put your hand up to become part of it and there is usually a vacancy all year around. Members of club committee run and contribute to most club operations and decisions on regular basis while management decisions are taken by club board representatives. Most club committee members also volunteers their time for board duties as well. You can find out more details about all club officials under About Us>Officials

Q:Can i hire a racquet?

A: Yes, you can request one from our Pro-Shop at a minor cost but only when they are available. Check Pro-Shop section for their timings.

Q:How about some training?

A: Again, taken care off. Tony Griffen is a top ranked coach and long associated with Premier coaching programmes with ABA. Get in touch with Pro Shop to find out more info directly. There are regular training options available to suit from beginners,juniors to professional level with different coaches using the club as their base.

Q:What covers my subscription fee?

A: Primarily it covers ABA affiliation costs and gives you approximately 6 weekly hours of free club night play time (depending on club division) alongside the chance to play at ABA Inter-Club and other organized events on behalf of LEPBC (Inter-Club match fees are in addition to the annual club membership). ABA Inter-Club takes place each year from May-Oct with most Auckland Badminton Association affiliated clubs fielding teams in competitions on a round robin basis run across singles and doubles competitions.

Q:How do I keep myself updated about club news and events?

A: By becoming a club supporter online. This way you will receive a weekly newsletter covering all club happenings, upcoming events and updates. You can also sign-up for free text alerts to be notified for urgent changes and notifications direct to your mobile. You can also reply to the text alerts for free.

Q:Does club provides any special offers etc?

A: From time to time, there would be sponsored events and offers that come around and they would be advertised on club website. As long as you have signed up to receive notifications as a club member or club supporter, you will be the first to find out.

Q:What about club events?

A: LEPBC regularly organize club events all through the year and you can check out our Honours board for more info. There are annual LE Open tournaments across Juniors and Seniors alongside annual Club Champs. Open tournaments are open to members and non members while Club Champs are open only to club members where players play other members based on their grade level in a competitive tournament. We had more than 120 top ranked players play at 2012 LE Open including NZ No1 James Eunson and Sam Ho.

Q:How does club evaluate player ability and skill?

A: The club organizes player trials every quarter or as deemed necessary. More info is available under About Us section.

Q:Can I use the gym facility at LE Badminton Hall as a LEPBC club member?

A: Unfortunately Not..Its open only to patrons of Pakuranga United Rugby Club.

Q:Where can i buy club shirts?

A: Please contact respective club captains to register your interest. Club shirts are mandatory for all Inter-club players and cost $40 for current year.

Q:Whats the minimum age to qualify for Masters competition?

A: 35

*This information is for informative purpose only and is subject to change without notice. Though all possible steps are taken to keep it fully updated there may be discrepancies present and club takes no responsibility arising out of same.

Last Updated:15/02/2013