Online Member Registration and Payment for Senior Division

You can now register online for the 2018 season by following the information below. 

For Current Members who already have a login account for LEPBC website using AllTeams platform:

Its really easy 3 step process:

On LEPBC homepage,

  • Click Registration button and Login using your account details.

  • Step 1: Choose Senior Club Member Registration at the bottom and hit ‘Click Here’.

  • Step 2: Complete the Registration Form online filling all mandatory information.

    • Full Name,Address & Contact Details.
    • Select Applicable Membership Subscription and/or ‘Senior Club: Inter-Club Registration’
    • Two preferred Club Nights and your Grade (approx skill level – A Grade players represent at National level while E grade is for beginners)
  • Step 3: Confirm and Pay.

You will have two options to pay your registration fees:

-Pay by Credit Card (5% surcharge applies on top of subscription)


-Pay by Invoice (Cash/Cheque/Internet Banking)

Should you decide to Pay by Credit Card there is no further action required from registration perspective. You will receive your receipt emailed straight way as soon as they payment gets accepted.

In case of Pay by Invoice, you can either pay the outstanding fee using internet banking directly to LEPBC Senior Club A/C No: 02-0208-0276487-00 quoting your Invoice No in the ref field.

Or alternatively, you can also turn up at club and pay in cash/cheque. 
Please ensure you have your registration Invoice No with you as that is required to tally up your payment against online registration and for receipt purpose as well.

Step 1

For New Members who dont have a login account for LEPBC website using AllTeams platform:

On LEPBC homepage,

  • Click Registration button

Note: You need to have an account login for LEPBC website before you can fill-up an online registration form 

  • Step 1: Click Create Account on the right to setup a new login for LEPBC website using AllTeams platform ensuring you fill in all required details.

Tip: Optionally, you also have the option of signing-in using your current Google,Yahoo or Facebook account however they need to be linked with your LEPBC account you created in Step 1. To do so follow Step 2 else skip to Step 3

  • Step 2: Click Facebook/Yahoo/Gmail to link the same with LEPBC account and Click Allow on the permissions popup.
  • Step 3: Finally, Login using new account details and follow steps 1 to 3 in the first section above For Current Members who already have a login account for LEPBC website using AllTeams platform:

All members are encouraged to register themselves online even though they might want to pay in person as this eliminates the need for paper forms altogether going forward, less overhead charges, environment friendly and effective club management. The club will still happily accept in-person registrations for those who are signing up on the spot.

By having an LEPBC account, you will get access to a personalized page whereby,

  • You receive weekly club newsletter in your inbox containing latest news and happenings
  • You can keep in touch with other club members
  • Sign-Up for free urgent club SMS notifications
  • Link your Facebook and Twitter accounts
  • Update your contact preferences

    In saying so, we hope to see you all during upcoming 2018 season. 

    In the meantime, do enjoy summer club and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year ahead.

    Club Management