Senior Badminton

Senior Club – 2022

We are now accepting Senior Club membership registrations for 2022.

The Senior Club runs on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday from 7-10 pm.


Fees for 2022 are the same as 2021 and as follows:

Nights Yearly  Half Yearly
  Fees ($) Fees ($)
1 270 210
2 350 270
3 430 330


*There will be a $10 discount if you join in February.

**If you were a member in 2021, you are entitled to a rebate off your 2022 fees in recognition of the lockdown period. This will be calculated at 20% of the fee you paid last year. For example, if you paid $340 (2 nights, full year – $10 for joining in February), you will receive a rebate of $68. That means you will pay $282 to join (2 nights, full year) in 2022.If you paid less than the standard membership fee for any reason, you will be entitled to 20% off what you paid.


New and existing members will need to complete a form online or a physical copy which is available at the club during club nights.

2022 forms will be available at the club from Tuesday.

Click here for the online form.


We recommend that you pay via bank transfer into the club’s bank account:

Bank: BNZ

Account number: 02-0208-0276487-00

Please use the following details:

Particulars – Surname + 1st initial
Code – Cellphone number
Reference – Current grade (for existing members)

While we will also accept cash and EFTPOS payments on club nights, we strongly recommend you pay online – especially in light of the Red traffic light and current Covid situation. This will reduce the crowding on club nights and the amount of contact in close proximity.


The Senior Club runs a ranking system to rank players within the grade. This gives players the opportunity to move up to the next grade, and to determine which players should to chosen to trial members looking for to move up to the next grade.

The ranking system is currently on pause, but we expect ranking games will resume in March.

For more information on the ranking system, click here.


Kerk Tugby