Senior Club ranking guidelines

A ranking game consists of 4 club members currently in the same grade playing 1 game to 21 ooints with each of the players selected.

The purpose of the ranking is to offer our members a chance to earn additional grading points, e.g. to go from 40 to 42. Gaining ranking points will increase your chances of playing games in the grade directly above you.

Once you reach at least 5 additional grading points, you are eligible for a trial. Players who have more ranking points will be selected for the those trial games. For example, if you are trialing for C+ (50 base points), your trial will be with players who have 53 points and above. Trial games will be prioritised above ranking games.

How the Ranking games work:

  • Ranking games consist of 3 games that are set during the 2nd and 3rd round. You must arrive at least 15mins prior to the start of round 2 in order to be considered for selection by the system.
  • Each game ends once the first pair reach 21, there is no setting. Please record your score at the end of each game. This is very important.
  • Ranking games will always be with members in the same grade.
  • Ranking points scored will be carried over to earn additional ranking points in the month that follows. Results are calculated as a rolling 3 month figure. That means if you gain points in January, February and March, when we get to April, you will lose your January points.
  • Points will be allocated based on the number of matches won and the total number of points scored against your opponents.
  • Limited to 1 ranking game per month.
  • Eligible to members only. All visitors will remain at base level (e.g. 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80).
  • If you win all 3 games in 3 consecutive months, you will be promoted to the next grade up. Your next ranking game in the new grade will count as a trial game.
  • Once you reach 5 ranking points you can request a trial. Please speak to the Club Captain (Pat To-Tugby), or in her absence the President (Kerk Tugby), before round 1 starts on any club night. We will endeavour to set your trial as soon as possible. Trial games will take priority over ranking games.
  • All ranking games are randomly selected by the computer system. The Committee/Board duty person is unable to change the members selected for ranking games.
  • As this ranking system is still being developed, the Club Captain has final decision on the grades for all members.
  • If you have any questions about the ranking system, please feel free to talk to Pat or Kerk directly.